Call it an old-school cliché if you must, but my aspirations of becoming a journalist date back to when I was an impressionable 12-year-old. I would see women clutching their mics reporting from the country’s fault lines, telling the stories of people we cross without a second glance and I would hope that one day it would be me there. I would read verbose editorials written then in language I didn’t quite comprehend. Vocabulary didn’t fail gravity though.

I have studied journalism all through my graduate years with a penchant for current affairs and development reporting. However, I spent close to a year immersed in print and digital journalism at The New Indian Express, a popular daily newspaper in Chennai. I covered fashion, entertainment and lifestyle features during my time with the company.

I subsequently quit to expand my repertoire to include other media forms and tools and found myself in Birmingham, back at the drawing board again. I am currently in the process of completing my Masters in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism at Birmingham City University. I am back to current affairs and “mainstream reportage” as we call it back home now at University.

As I write this, I stand at the brink of my time here in England, gearing up to get back into the industry. I am an adaptable writer and find myself at ease to write about anything from a path-breaking film to an edge-of-the-seat game of sport.

I am a diligent researcher and have worked with teams through my time as an intern and a trainee journalist in organising and structuring several programmes and editions.

I am a religiously punctual social media user and understand its importance in content creation and promotion and its emergence as a popular news source and platform. I am exploring storytelling through social media, primarily Instagram and Twitter and am open to working in this area too. I am currently putting these skills to use in my capacity as a marketing and communications assistant for the University’s International Office.  My work involves social media management, application advise and student support directed primarily towards international applicants. I am also their go-to social media vlogger.

I am a confident speaker and am quite comfortable on camera. During my time in Birmingham, I have also tried to hone my skills in podcast production and audio blogging.

As part of my final dissertation, I have also started building a skill set in 360° video production and immersive journalism. I believe this is a useful tool in highlighting hyper-local stories to a larger audience and am working towards understanding the medium and its subsequent milestones-virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

If you’re looking for a journalist who puts the team first, who is up for random uncomfortable conversations on the state of society and who can whip up a delicious occasional food basket, you’re at the right place.

Do drop me a message and I would love to get in touch.