I am a postgraduate student currently doing my Masters in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism at Birmingham City University, United Kingdom. I spent close to a year figuring out the nuances of print journalism at The New Indian Express, a popular daily newspaper in Chennai. I subsequently quit to expand my repertoire to include other media and found myself in Birmingham, back at the drawing board again.

I have grown to enjoy radio production and am training in the different aspects of the medium at University. I am seeking a placement in radio/television/web-based news organisations to advance my skills in broadcast journalism. The industry, world over, is taking giant leaps towards complete digital consumption of news content and I would like to tune myself to its growing demands by mastering as many tools of production as I can.

I have studied journalism all through my graduate years with a penchant for current affairs and development reporting. However, I spent a year working with a lifestyle weekly newsmagazine, covering fashion, entertainment and features during my time there. I am back to current affairs and “mainstream reportage” as we call it back home now at University. Both beats have their own points of challenge and excitement and there’s much to learn about journalism as a craft from both sides of the field. I am open to placement opportunities under both these wings and to further my experience in either area.

I am a religiously punctual social media user and understand its importance in content creation and promotion and its emergence as a popular news source and platform. I am exploring storytelling through social media, primarily Instagram and Twitter and am open to working in this area too.

Alongside my studies at Birmingham City University, I also work as a marketing and communications assistant at the University’s International Office. My work involves social media management, application advise and student support directed primarily towards international applicants.